Dunes & Trees...Concepts & Techniques

Concept, Thema

This idea is born from an assiduous frequentation of the Cotentin littoral in the Department of La Manche (Normandy) in France in the years 80/90. One can find there an immense field of dunes of several acres, near the village of Vauville, which conceals not only dunes and vegetation, but also trees and a pond with exceptional fauna and flora.

The work resulting from these active visits (stays, excursions, photographic work, etc.) is not in any way an exact " portrait " of the dunes, but the plastic and sensual consequences of an impregnation by the nature-dune and an attempt to thus create a kind of imaginary " topography " of the phenomenon " dune " in its weather mobility. A " spirit " of the dunes rather than a more or less fictionalized description...


Acid-free paper. Demineralized water.
Watercolor out of cups or tube.
Brushes in marten, small-gray (Squirrel), patois, silk of pork. 


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